Revolution 360°


We are a Church based in Rotorua – New Zealand also having other Churches based in Livingstone, Zambia, and Botswana – Africa and Samoa - South Pacific, and are preparing to plant the ministry in Bangladesh. We Partnership with as well as Support other Churches and Ministries in New Zealand, Africa and Tonga - South Pacific.


The Revolution was founded by Apostle Alexander and Huia Lyons on the 21/01/2011. The name for the Church was chosen out of the belief that God wanted to awaken something new, fresh and alive within the Church and the people. The Church needed a Spiritual Revolution and it was time to do something about it. Apostle Alex and Pastor Huia have served the lord for over 17 years and over those years they faced some terrible times, but what helped them overcome those testing times in those days was knowing they had to always turn back to Jesus Christ for the answers and it’s that simple fact when in doubt turn back to Jesus for the answer.

On July 21/07/2010 Pastor Huia passed away to be with Jesus but before she passed away she asked Apostle Alex to finish the dream and to cause a Spiritual Revolution and to turn everybody back to Jesus Christ, hence the name and how the Ministry and the birth of Revolution 360° started.





Pastor Huia


With Great Thanks to a Great Visionary and Woman of God
Pastor Huia Ruth Lyons.

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Maggie Miller | Reply 12.08.2014 20.15

Girl, The impression you made is still deeply embedded in many hearts. Often think about you and remember our times together. Missing you still. Maggie

Alex 21.08.2014 11.52

Hi Maggie, you too made an impression on our lives it is so good to hear from you, hope you are well and that everything is going well with you

George Lyons | Reply 22.12.2013 14.26

The book of Romans encourages us to stay faithful through all our hard times to come, so we ready for the harvest in Revelations 14: 14-20.
God bless you uncle.

Pauline Fahey | Reply 05.06.2012 16.53

Pastor Huia a powerful women of God who impacted my life when I became a member of the church

Paku | Reply 16.11.2011 16.22

I miss you my old friend, forever in my heart

Crystal Corbett | Reply 02.09.2011 13.20

So true - Pastor Huia is a great woman of God accomplishing her good race for GOD!!!!!

Donna | Reply 21.06.2011 02.30

It is an honour and a privlage to serve such a great man of God who's heart is to serve God first and formost and to serves the people. Bless you Apostle.

Cen Moala | Reply 06.06.2011 23.00

Love it! Praise God for U both. This is a powerful tool that would help change many lives as it has changed ours. Priceless...

Helen | Reply 06.06.2011 22.48

Yay........what a great way to stay connected with you you all heaps..We serve an amazing, mighty, God.............

Kava Moala | Reply 06.06.2011 22.37

Awesome page praise God for Apostle Alexander and Huia Lyons for this Spiritual Revolution. A marvelous change.

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15.01 | 13:53

Praise the Lord Jason, keep doing what you do best and all the best for 2017 what a great achievement

26.12 | 18:52

Hi Alex very few people have encouraged me with my first relocatable house in wrigley You were one that did it meant allot,it was a battle, It is now finished

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